A story of family and friendship

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Marcel, Jean-Christophe and Stéphane are best known for the family public lighting company RAGNI, founded in 1927, which they co-direct. But here they are united by a completely different project: that of having their own restaurant together!

Jean-Christophe has carried this project in his heart since he graduated from hotel school: “I would like to have my own restaurant one day!” he often thought. “My restaurant has become ‘Our restaurant’” and three partners have joined him: his father Marcel, his brother Stéphane and his childhood friend Patrice. And it is his mother Josette who is in charge of the restaurant's website!

The MOOD restaurant was imagined and designed in their image - convivial, simple but trendy and uncompromising on quality. This level of quality that they themselves like to find when they go out to dine in a restaurant. Bistronomy is a choice that suits them, it's a way of making the very good accessible.

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What do people who know you say about you?

What characterises me the most are the true human relationships. Throughout my encounters, my travels, my life…I have created a tremendous network of relatives, friends, famous personalities, professional sportsmen ... not just simple acquaintances, not a fake or digital network but a network of true people that I appreciate and who appreciate me for who I am. I am proud to say that my strength is to be myself in all circumstances and with anyone. It is precisely this sincerity in relationships that people like the most in me. « Patoche isPatoche ! » is what they say about me!

So, MOOD? Now?

Yes, I am a Partner and Restaurant Manager. The Ragni family embarked me on this adventure.

I'm in the MOOD for being part of it!.

See you soon Patrice, and it will be a pleasure to get to know you better!

Chef Fabio MERRA And his team Are happy to welcome you to MOOD 🥂

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